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Service & Maintenance

Orbit-Controls are a leading industrial automation equipment supplier of technology and services, in the areas of automotive and industrial technology. We design in-house software programmed with modern technology for company to runs high-tech manufacturing plant for the production and continuously variable transmission in automobiles, hi-tech software and engineering solutions such as embedded software and mechanical design, as well as IT and IT-enabled services

Advantages of Service & Maintenance contract

  • Support machine installation
  • Start up and running of production processes and MAE release support
  • Provide a maintenance planning as well as spare part planning for factory
  • Handle small project improvement to increase machine efficiency
  • Perform preventive as well as corrective maintenance to the machine’s parts of factory
  • Perform problem analysis and improvement activities
  • Increase machine’s capacity by applying TPM and Lean manufacturing tools
  • Communicate with the lead plant engineers and suppliers for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance implementation
  • Training to technicians in maintenance staff /department

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