Medium Voltage Switchgear

Medium Voltage Switchgear with vacuum circuit breaker technology fully equipped with metering and electronically protected tripping relays are being manufactured and fabricated

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear for industrial and residential sectors are being manufactured as per requirement of the client. Designing and Fabrication are based upon easy maintenance and easy extensions in future in accordance with internationally recognized standard.

Motor Control Center

Automatic Star Delta panels are manufactured at various power levels as indoor units. Draw out units vary in size and power levels interlocks, covers etc. are provided to prevent incorrect or unsafe operation and to prevent access to elective live parts.

Motor Control Unit

We are producing state of the art motor control units as per client’s requirements, these panels are equipped with several productions to save the motor under any hazardous or abnormal condition even with remote control options.

LV Distribution Panels

Low Voltage Distribution Panels for indoor and outdoor steal shield fabricated are supplied with complete air circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, load break switches, necessary meters, relay & instrument etc. switchgear are extendible on both sides.

Automatic Main Failure

These types of system are comprised of micro-processor control module or PLCs to automatically change over power supply from K-Electric/WAPDA to backup generator without any interruption as they auto sense. It has different kind of tripping system and indication.

Lighting Power Distribution Boards

There are two types of distribution boards namely, Power DBs for common houses, industries, buildings etc. Lighting DBs for different types of lighting fixtures, home appliances, computers etc.

HVAC Control Panels

HVAC Control Panels are developed to fulfil the electrical requirement of different kinds of installed machinery like water pumps, compressors, blowers, fan as well as other kind of motors in industry, these panels are available for single as well as multi motor system.

LV Power Factor

These panels are developed for power factor correction and improvement. These panels are designed to align and couple with LT Distribution panel. It requested reactors can be used to eliminate unwanted harmonics. The PFI panel is of self-ventilating design. The component used are robust are reliable.

Cable Tray

Cable Trays are fabricated by using latest technology and high grade raw material which include HR sheets, GP Sheets, CA sheets aluminum and others.