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As your business needs change, your machines need to change with you. Whether you need some retrofitting or change of your current machines to adjust to different outputs, or a complete rebuild of older machines that still have life in them, Milacron can service your injection, extrusion, blow molding and auxiliary machines.

Tareeq Al Baraq’s Technical Service Team works with you to review your new requirements, evaluate processes, and offer upgrading and rebuilding ideas to keep your machines running. We improve your machine efficiency, increase productivity and uptime to help you achieve your output goals.

Tareeq Al Baraq also offers training on the upgraded experiment for your company as well as our parts and services program to keep your machines working at peak performence.

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Injection Molding Machine

Blow Molding Machine

Pet Blow Blowing Machine

  • Screw Type Molding Machine
  • Pet Blow Type Molding Machine
  • Robotics